We offer weekly teaching sessions as a part of our ongoing passion to see all men and women everywhere growing into a deeper Revelation of Christ and thereby being built up into the Full Stature of His Beautiful Person and Presence. These teachings are rich in Revelation and serve to impart the Nature, Character and the Personality of God into the lives of each listener. # THESE SESSIONS ARE OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE. To join our revival school on Whatsapp send your name and number, together with "join me" to +27662121071 and we will join you to our school.  YOU WILL RECEIVE A TEACHING EVERY FRIDAY. TEACHINGS RANGE BETWEEN 12 AND 15 MB IN SIZE.

Ps Johann vd Hoven is well known for revival ministry in South Africa. The Lord used him mightily in crusade meetings for many years. He has been led by the Holy Spirit to share the secrets of His success and to teach others what the Holy Spirit has taught him over the past 29 years of living a prophetic life and giving expression to the heart of the Father.


In these teachings you will come to discover that although revival has become many things to many people, and in many ways has been so used and misapplied over the years that it has lost its true and authentic meaning, to become associated with a mere event or a experience and encounter with God, rather than a way of living in Union and in harmony with the Lord in unbroken harmony with His Presence.


The core of revival, which is being Alive as a result of His Life being expressed in us and through us, has for the better part been replaced with a sensational experience of His Power.


And yet there is no greater and deeper encounter than to enter the Christ-Life and to discover how to live, walk and have our being in Him.


The teachings shared in our "revival school"  is purposed to restore the original salvation purpose and plan of God in the lives of those whom He has called. Through these teachings you will discover purpose, destiny and true eternal Life in your daily living as you learn to walk with God in new dimensions and dispensations of Revelation by His Spirit, as He leads you deeper into His Presence and reveals His heart in yours.


These sessions are there for the hungry, they are "eagle food"  to those who seek to grow in maturity and will nourish your inner-man and cause you to look further and see deeper into the Revelation of our Father than ever before.