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Introduction to our Vision & missions

Welcome to Kingdom Missions, where we share the Vision of reaching, teaching and releasing those with a heart for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Johann was called to follow the Lord in service in 1990. He has served in all the functions of the five-fold ministry during the past 28 years, and has a passion to see God's people ablaze with Holy Spirit Fire and living the deeper Life in Christ. Pastor Johann currently also serves to see young passionate ministers of the Gospel being taught and equipped for their service in the ministry.


KMi reaches souls for the Kingdom on a variety of ways, including outreaches in tents and halls, through fellowship meetings on grass roots level - sharing the Life and Love of God in the reality of His Presence and Power, by means of school missionary outreaches, and through our ministry impartation school, preparing those with a call upon their lives in serving the Kingdom.


Ministry through the medium of media is extensively used by means of book publication, television ministry and social media. Currently we are preparing to launch a international web-based radio station in the near future.

Schools 4 Christ is our missionary program in reaching the youth in South Africa with the reality of God and of His Power. Thousands of young people are affected by this outreach ministry, resulting in multitudes of young people being born of the Spirit and delivered from a meaningless life without Christ.


These youngsters are then welcomed into our Fellowship of the Believers discipleship school as well as to become an active part of a Schools 4 Christ prayer group in their area.


These young lives open the way for us to reach into homes that otherwise may have not been accessible and to reach entire families through our Revival Movement Outreaches, enabling us to touch entire communities from the grassroots and beyond.

Revival Movement International is our revival outreach movement in South Africa and around the world where we host meeting in conjunction with Schools 4 Christ, as well in cooperation with local ministries. RMi also hosts independent meetings in halls, in tents, on open air sports fields and stadiums.


Thousands of lives are affected by the Power of God being Mightily displayed and manifested in the lives of God's people wherever this ministry host meetings.


Brendon Jaftha and Johein Lambert, among others, are key speakers at RM events. Powerful Word ministry, healing, deliverance and salvation, as well as extraordinary miracles that occur in meetings, are all synonymous with KM crusades.

At Kingdom Missions International our Vision and mission far exceeds merely having revival crusades or evangelical outreaches to introduce souls to Christ, we also strongly believe that we have received a mandate to teach people how to experience and live the deeper life in Christ. Rather than abandon those who have been touched in our outreaches, we embrace them by establishing interdenominational Fellowships wherever we have crusade outreaches, ensuring that those who have been set Ablaze with God's Fire will continue to grow and live within the experience of what they now have come to know and have been introduced to regarding the reality of God's Presence and Power.


These Spirit-pools remain in every area where we minister after we leave, and serve as an oasis of Anointed Word ministry being shared, Spirit-filled prayer meetings being hosted and also as a place where people are mobilized and equipped to grow into becoming effective in ministry themselves. Fellowship of the Believers forms an essential part of our mission in truly seeing the Kingdom being established in the hearts of people. For more info click here to read more ...

The practical application of this Vision is to reach souls for the Kingdom through our outreach programs, to welcome those who have come to the Lord in our family of fellowships, where they are introduced to the Love of Christ and the experience of the reality of His Presence, and where they are taught the Inspired Word of God, free from any religious influence.  In this environment they are taught how to live and worship in a Christ-centered relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


Our Sons of Sovereignty Ministry Impartation School provides those who experience the call of God, the opportunity  to follow on in serving the Lord in full time ministry, in whatever capacity theyr may be called to do so. The school is a school of impartation, which means that it offers practical training in the laying of a strong foundation in preparing those who attend for the work of their ministry, beginning in the laying of the foundation of being formed into the Character of God. The school focuses on practical tutoring, as opposed to the basic theological education that is taught and learned in most Bible schools and places of education. The one year diploma course offers students a unique learning experience in the practical applications of how to flow and operate with the Holy Spirit, and how to become  co-workers with God in authentic Kingdom ministry.  More about this unique ministry impartation school can be found when you continue through this website.


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